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About Simply Broken

Born global with Danish roots

Technology for hearts and minds

Why do people still suffer, get sick, and in some cases commit suicide if there are thousands of technology solutions to support mental and emotional health?

This was the question that sparked the creation of Simply Broken. We believe technology is under appreciated and under utilised in the mental health space. We also believe the reasons for this are:

  • Finding the relevant solution is hard
  • The reliability of the solution is unclear, and
  • Technology is not an integrated part of treatment plans

It is our goal to create instant, universal access to relevant help for moods, emotions, and mental health. We are starting by making tailored connections between individuals and professionals to app store available solutions. This includes building transparency on the research behind each of the apps so people can make an informed choice of what to try.

Built for people who need help by people who have needed help

We have been in your shoes

Everyone working in Simply Broken has experienced either their own mental health challenges or had someone close to them go through something. We believe this gives us a deeper sense of empathy for what our users are going through, what the benefits and frustrations are with modern treatment methods, and also use apps and technology to keep on top of our own unique experiences.

You can read more about some of our experiences in the blog section

Coming soon

We are frequently launching new features that will help you

get fast access to technical solutions you can trust.

Evolving recommendations

You have used our solution, found some apps, now what? We are building logic that tracks and updates as you learn more about what is going on and how to work with it. You will be able to share points in our platform so that we can refine what apps and solutions we think you will like and benefit from. 

Everything starts with you describing what you are experiencing and want help with. We are setting it up so that you will periodically be asked how things are going.  A lot of the challenge with mental health comes from not knowing enough. Here you will be able to track symptoms, situations, and triggers to be able to work with them and celebrate when things are good.

You rarely struggle alone. Do you have a partner, family member, friend or trusted colleague who knows about your challenges? Soon they will be able to send a message to the platform with an observation about you/your behavior. It may help you get broader understanding of when and where you might have acted in a way you should reflect on. You will also have the choice to make this available to a treatment provider to review with you if you are getting professional help.

Your experience is both unique and familiar. We will offer the ability to connect with other users anonymously to discuss mutual challenges and get support from others who can relate to what you are going through.