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Do you know how your employees feel?

Understand your company’s mental health and facilitate self care for your employees

Insights and Solutions platform

  • Track team or department trends

  • Highlight and measure most often reported symptoms

  • Call for help function for employees

"The number of adults experiencing depression in the U.S. has tripled. Researchers estimate that more than 1 in 4 U.S. adults now report experiencing symptoms of depression. Before the pandemic, 8.5% of U.S. adults reported being depressed. That number has risen to 27.8% as the country struggles with COVID-19."

Boston University Study, Published in The Brink Sept 2020 Tweet

Prevent lost time and sick days

Get aggregated views of employee’s mental health from across your organisation, identifying teams who need your attention

Empower employee self care

Employees have constant access to personalised tools, peer groups, treatment providers, and insights for any level of support they may need

Integrate your support solutions

If you have existing tools, employee assistance programs, and treatment providers, they integrate into our platform increasing use and return on investment