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Your path to feeling better

The world doesn’t need more mental health apps, it just needs to be easier to find the right ones

Why force one size fits all support on people when we don’t have to?

Simply Broken lets you focus on you, with tailored tools and support

  • Identify what issue is affecting your day the most and track your progress
  • Connect to personal tools, apps, and support that can be trusted
  • Get direct access to your employer’s benefits and support*

(*with a company license agreement)

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"We know that mental health occurs along a continuum, with thriving and positive mental health at one end and serious mental illnesses or addictions at the other. In between, however, there are many shades of substance use, anxiety, depression, and other conditions that vary in intensity and impact. Every leader must ask, “What are we doing to help our employees stay physically and emotionally healthy?"”

Five Ways to Design a Better Mental-health Future for a Stressed-out Workforce, McKinsey & Company, Nov 2020 Tweet

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